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White's Treated Pine
Whites Treated Pine
Promontory Road Fish Creek.
Tel. 03 5683 2227
Fax. 03 5683 2318
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Welcome to White's Treated Pine.
Established for 30 years, Whites Treated Pine has supplied treated pine products to the South Gippsland region, and is recognised for its quality and service.

So if its fencing your farm, a trellis for your new vineyard, building a dog kennell or finishing that garden project, WHITE'S TREATED PINE will have the timber to suit the job at hand.

HEAD FOR THE HILLS. white005.jpg

South Gippsland in a nutshell? More like a bag of mixed nuts. This is an underrated region of Victoria, best known as passing scenery en route to Wilson's Promontory National Park. Spend a little time here, however, and you'll find that South Gippsland is the home of excellent food and wine.

Take the South Gippsland Highway and just over an hour from Melbourne, you'll encounter diverse countryside. At Leongatha, the highway intersects with the Bass and Strzelecki highways and heads for the hills to the north or to the glorious windswept sand beaches in several directions to the south. Running through the middle is some of Victoria's most productive dairy farming land, with tranquil green hillsides criss-crossed by the well-worn paths of thousands of cows.

South Gippsland is an area strong on produce. Four major dairies gather almost

20 per cent of Australia's total fresh milk supply from the Gippsland region. Various dairy derivatives are made here, both by big commercial operators and artisan cheese makers. Plenty of pasture-fed beef, sheep, deer and free-range chooks flourish, too.

The area is dotted with towns large and small. Korumburra (otherwise known for its gigantic earthworms) is the snow pea and sugar snap capital of Australia and is 16 kilometres before Leongatha. Both are large towns serving local farming communities and have long and interesting histories. Likewise, Foster, further east, was a thriving gold town in the 1870s and Walkerville on the south coast is known for its lime deposits which, around the same time, were transported to Melbourne for building.

ZOOM forward a century and a bit and you'll find an area just waking up to its potential. Tourism is now a major component of the economy and it's hotting up. A very active shire and its economic development unit support an ever-increasing number of businesses opening their doors to passers-by. The growing number of farm-gate and cellar-door sales is making local produce easier to find. The result is naturally symbiotic: a genuine marketing of the region's wares and an increase in their own direct trade. Not to mention a boon for the visitor, particularly the hungry one.

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